Come learn  fundamental clogging steps and combine them into various routines.  Clogging is a high energy form of dance, similar to tap.  No previous dance experience is needed in this class.  We offer all levels of clogging from beginner to advanced.

There are many benefits to clogging.  The most important is that it is a lot of fun. Along with fun you will get the benefits of improved flexibility, coordination, endurance, strength, and building self confidence.  It has been proven to lower blood pressure, increase lung capacity, and help with weight loss (burns up to 400 calories per hour).  Clogging is one of the best ways to relieve stress and stay in shape while having a great time.

Class Day— Tuesday

Class Time—6:30-7:30 PM

Class Cost—$55 Monthly (This class is on the hourly fee table and will be discounted when multiple classes are taken.)

There will a minimum of Two $25 costume fees (more on this at parent meeting)

Age Requirement– 7-12 Years Old

What to bring:

Comfortable Clothing

Clogging Shoes*

*All Dancewear can be purchased from studio.